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    Alex discovered agile in 2017, moving from a career in commercial teams to a Scrum Master role in a pilot agile squad. Alex quickly fell in love with the role and working in agile, and has since been at the forefront of scaling and rolling out of agile to more than fifty squads as well as being Chapter lead to a growing band of Scrum Masters.

    Alex combines a mix of humour with the odd awkward ice breaker, a focus on leading and facilitating growth through experiential learning whilst being tuned into the relationships between the needs of the business, customer and agile values and principles.

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      Chris is an experienced Scrum Master with a demonstrated history of challenging the assumptions that impede Agile transformation. He's passionate about people and fostering the culture needed to grow and deliver great digital products.

      Chris is a skilled trainer who has a hunger for learning, something he role models and aims to impart on the individuals and teams he works with. He's a Doctor of Philosophy with a background in further education and was a lecturer in history before becoming a Scrum Master.

      SUPERPOWERS | Putting people first. Training. Education.
      KRYPTONITE | Archaic processes. ‘Yes, but’. Expensive Post-it notes.

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      Darryl has over 18 years experience across a range of Agile and DevOps delivery roles. Most recently his focus has been on helping teams and businesses achieve success as an Agile and DevOps Coach.

      His mission is to get companies and staff adopting the mantra of continuous improvement delivered. Key to this will be mentoring and supporting others as part of the Agile Avengers team.

      SUPERPOWERS | Building & motivating teams. Coaching leaders. Impressive knowledge of most things.
      KRYPTONITE | Nectarines. Biscuits. Cute dogs (especially Labradors).

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      Covering nearly 10 years in corporate environments, in a variety of different roles from project management to core network engineering and data analytics, Gavyn has a wealth of experience that has made him a top-notch Scrum Master.

      With a continuous 'can do' attitude and a friendly aura that brings people together, Gavyn's ambition is to contribute towards truly Agile workplaces for any organisation.

      SUPERPOWERS | Driving Change. Bringing People Together. Poker.
      KRYPTONITE | Unnecessary Negativity. Biltong (google it). Time-wasters.

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        Laura brings 5 years' experience across 3 industries as a Scrum Master. She's worked with teams who operate as independent scrum teams as well as in a scaled framework methodology, meaning she can adapt to different environments and frameworks as necessary to support teams at all levels.

        She feels passionate about empowering teams to be the masters of their own success and enjoys coaching teams from the forming through to performing stages. Laura is always in awe of the skills of the individuals in her teams and revels in seeing what they produce sprint to sprint.

        SUPERPOWERS | Chasing dependencies. Organisation. Being approachable.
        KRYPTONITE | Scope creep. Blockers. Diet Coke.

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          Luke has 5 years experience across a range of product delivery roles. Most recently his focus has been on helping teams and businesses achieve success as an Agile Coach and Scrum Master.

          His mission is to create happier and more productive teams. He hopes his place on the Agile Avengers will help others achieve their own goals.

          SUPERPOWERS | Movie quotes. Dad jokes. Basic knowledge of everything.
          KRYPTONITE | Gantt charts. Milkshakes. Actual Kryptonite.