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    Amy brings 9 years experience leading teams in different environments, with a passion for helping others and understanding what makes people tick. As an advocate for disability and wellbeing, Amy is always taking time to ensure people look after themselves and those around them. From beginning her career in customer-facing roles through to now, her focus for customer experience, finding solutions and creating cultures that can be felt, is a must for Amy.

    Amy feels fortunate to be in a position where she can inspire others to create a culture where they genuinely love what they do and are happy to be at work. Believing everyone deserves this opportunity, she knows everyone has the potential to feel like a superhero. Amy wants to help individuals and teams find their purpose and value, in work and in life.

    SUPERPOWERS | Superspeed getting teams going. Big Heart. Down to Earth
    KRYPTONITE | Mood Hoovers. People being unfair. Her Cats

    • mm

      Ben brought the Agile Avengers together after realising that Scrum Masters need super resources to power their teams. Working across start-ups and corporates, Ben's developed Scrum expertise beyond his years that he now wants to make available to others.

      Ben believes that the millennial workforce will increasingly desire an Agile workplace, where teams truly have autonomy and purpose in what they do. He wants to ensure the teams of tomorrow are empowered to be the best they can be.

      SUPERPOWERS | Empowering people. Turning ideas into reality. Eating eggs.
      KRYPTONITE | Wanting to learn everything. Limitations. Cleaning kanban cards.

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      Edina uses her practical and logical thinking, whether working for start-ups, corporates or on her own projects. The marriage of her engineering background and love of art helps her see the structure, and beauty in everything at the same time. She believes design is a great device for visualising the unexplainable.

      Edina likes to see the detail behind things. When facing something insurmountable, the best place to start is by breaking it down. She thinks anyone who feels lost in the unknown world of Agile deserves a guiding light that can be used as an essential tool, to help navigate tough projects.

      SUPERPOWERS | Powerful visualisations. Super agility. Design flair.
      KRYPTONITE | Not enough coffee. Bland corporate production line work. Bad UX.

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      Kat's background in eCommerce and marketing enables her to bring unique perspective and digital knowhow. Working for various multinational enterprises/industries has developed her drive to better understand what people want, develop what's right for them and deliver this in an effective way.

      Kat thrives in environments that promote collaboration and trust, and has experienced firsthand the positive impact of Agile working on people and products. By making these tools readily available, she wants everyone to have the freedom to lead, innovate and achieve what they set out to achieve.

      SUPERPOWERS | Turning stats into actions. Super focus. Breaking into song.
      KRYPTONITE | Forecasting with no context. Drupal UI. Poor poker face.

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        Robin has over twenty years’ experience in the industry, with a breadth of sectors ranging from telecoms, to agency, to media. He has worked in roles ranging from Frontend Developer to Project Lead. He likes to see simple things done simply.

        Robin is passionate about empowering people to be the best version of themselves, individually or collectively. He’s committed to breaking down the traditional barriers of price and sector, and bring the Agile toolset to as many people as possible, regardless of their background.

        SUPERPOWERS | Relaxation. Seeing the bigger picture. Open-water swimming.
        KRYPTONITE | Menial tasks. Wearing beach clothing to the office. Radio 1.