Birthday Lineup Icebreaker

The Birthday Lineup icebreaker is super simple; it sees a group of people line up in birthday order. If you’re really smart with it, you can also make sure you get a note of everyone’s birthdays & diarise their birthday bumps!

Tools Required

  • Space for everyone to stand in a line


  1. Start by having everyone get up off their seats, and explain they will all be getting into a line.

  2. Set one end of the room as 1st January and the other 31st December.

  3. Ask everyone to arrange themselves in order of their birthdays, but without mentioning any numbers or months.

  4. To make this activity even more challenging, ask everyone to stay perfectly silent whilst lining up.


The birthday lineup icebreaker is a great way to see how well people can think of alternative ways to communicate. You’ll either have people coming up with alternative words and phrases to get the same result, or they’ll end up thinking of a different way to communicate all together i.e through acting out their birthday or trying to lip-read.

This icebreaker is a great starting point if you want to go around the room and get everyone interacting – it brings people to life much more than the standard “round the table” introductions!


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