Getting To Know You With Sweet Treats

This icebreaker is a simple exercise for getting to know your team, with the added bonus of sweets/candy to keep the team smiling! The team will pick their sweets of choice from the selection, but each sweet will carry a unique question that they’ll have to answer to the team.

Tools Required

  • 2 – 4 minutes per person
  • Variety of chocolates or sweets (AKA candy for our American cousins)
  • List of questions linked to the sweets, written out in advance (keep these hidden until team have picked their treats)


  1. Ask everyone to select a chocolate or two from the box. Ensure they keep them out and visible (reassure them they can eat them later).
    Go round the room one by one, asking which chocolate/sweet/candy they have and then tell them the question that links to their choice of chocolate.Here’s an example set of questions based on a box of Cadbury’s Heroes (a British phenomenon) but you can use any confectionery selection, just be sure to note down a question per item in advance:
    Dairy Milk – What was the best retro you were part of?
    Crème Egg – If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
    Whispa – What was your best holiday?
    Caramel – What did you want to be when you grew up?
    Fudge – What was your biggest surprise success?
    Twirl – What was your best team experience/memory?
    Éclair – What is your worst habit?

  2. Some Extra Question Choices:
    What is your earliest memory?
    If you could have one wish what would it be?
    What is your dream holiday?
    What is your dream job?

  3. Allow people to dig a little deeper, asking things such as “what made you choose that one” or “tell us more about that”.
    Keep your time box in mind to ensure everyone gets equal opportunity to share their answers.


Even though we may be quite open to sharing personal stuff with our team, often we need a little nudge. This can be either a case of ‘first person to speak’ or just that we need some inspiration on what to actually share (ever had a mind-blank when you get asked for an interesting fact about yourself?)

This simple team icebreaker is a tasty way to get your group sharing, without the awkward silences or generic ’round the circle’ format. Enjoy this tasty take on a ‘get to know you’ team icebreaker and let us know how you get on.


Amy brings 9 years experience leading teams in different environments, with a passion for helping others and understanding what makes people tick. As an advocate for disability and wellbeing, Amy is always taking time to ensure people look after themselves and those around them. From beginning her career in customer-facing roles through to now, her focus for customer experience, finding solutions and creating cultures that can be felt, is a must for Amy.

Amy feels fortunate to be in a position where she can inspire others to create a culture where they genuinely love what they do and are happy to be at work. Believing everyone deserves this opportunity, she knows everyone has the potential to feel like a superhero. Amy wants to help individuals and teams find their purpose and value, in work and in life.

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