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We help teams and organisations achieve their goals through maximising value delivered and speed to market.

Oh, and we’re partial to using a bit of Agile.

Agile Coaching

Super-powered teams don’t just happen by accident. They are aligned and committed to a common purpose, they reflect and adapt regularly, and they welcome coaching for continuous improvement. Having an Agile Coach could give your team or project the transformational boost it needs.

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digital delivery

We have a multi-disciplined consultancy team who actively work in cutting-edge Agile environments. If your project or program needs resourcing, we’re ready to roll our sleeves up.

Our team is comprised of Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Business Analysts, Digital Designers, Developers, Digital Analytics & eCommerce.

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TEAM Training & Development

We really care about people. Like, a lot.

Investing in your people through training & development could be the greatest thing you do this year. Whether that’s Agile specific training, facilitating team workshops, kicking-off new teams or projects, or individual performance coaching – we can help.

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WHY Agile Avengers?

Results driven

70 research projects over 25+ years have proven Agile’s ability to improve innovation, culture and results broadly for organisations & teams. We’ve witnessed this first-hand.

Love your culture

As Peter Drucker said: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Whilst strategy is still vital, a great culture will see your teams through the bumps along the way. We want every team to love their culture.

A range of superpowers

As well as empowering teams to discover their superpowers, we have some of our own… Our team have experience in various product and project roles, across a range of industries and organisations.

A real team

The Agile Avengers team have worked together for years. We love our team spirit, and want to show other teams how they too can grow together as high-performing teams.

Grow like a start-up

Agile teams attack market opportunities like successful start-ups. They value individuals and empowerment, focus on working products, collaborate with customers and respond to change.

Start with a pilot Agile team

Change can be scary. Sometimes it’s best to trial new ways of working in a pilot team before scaling. We’ve seen this work to great affect and can help you do the same.

“Traditional project management simply doesn’t cut it in 2020. Agile empowers teams to deliver what their customers want, in a world that moves faster than ever before”
Ben Lyon | Agile Avengers | Team Profile Picture
Ben Lyon
Founder & Agile Coach

TIME to suit up?

If your team, project or organisation needs a super-human boost, we’ve got the spandex and capes.

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